Talents and Costs

The easiest way to find out if I can help you and, how much it is likely to cost is to get in touch.


This initial discussion (at no charge to you) will help determine a) if in fact I can help you, and b) a price structure and time frame that works for you.


I don't profess to be the master of everything. Below I've listed a bunch of things my clients say I do well but try me.  I love a new challenge.


Solving Problems

Would you rather eat shit that tastes like ice-cream 

or ice-cream that tastes like shit?


Tough one but I figured it out.

Business Plans.jpg

Business Plans

From starting-up to selling-up 

and everywhere in-between.

I can help create a custom plan for you that steps out your options in priority order without stifling your creativity or the organic progression of your business.

Exploring NEW Opportunities

Who would have thought milking cockroaches would be a hit?  

It’s true!


An open and creative approach to exploring all options to see what's likely to work for you.


Coach | Mentor | Sensei

Let me give your business a ‘Health Kick’. 


I’ll dish up a serve of fresh well trained eyes and a generous handful of realistic optimism and, just a sprinkle of arse kicking (if you need it)

The Little Things

Big accomplishments are often achieved through doing a bunch of little things consistently well.


Organise | Systemise | Automate


Real hands-on help laying the foundations for growth.


Note:  Provided you do actually want a BIG fruit tree growing in that particular spot.


The Next Level

Strategise | Adapt | Expand | Re-energise | Compete 

A guided hand in taking your business to the "Next Level"

I'll help you get what YOU desire from your business