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Grow Your Business

Boost sales, revenue and increase net profit 


In basic terms businesses go through four steps in their life cycle:


  1. Start-up

  2. Growth

  3. Maturity

  4. Decline

If the growth stage is where you find yourself we applaud you for passing stage one.  The growth stage has its challenges.  Most business owners identify the potential for greater rewards by growing however it's safe to say that growing is not the answer for everyone.

Empower your employees and build a good team

Growing pains can be quite stressful.  You have more customers therefore more workload and you probably need more help.  You will need to build and empower a good team.


Plunging into the growth this stage with reckless abandon is not a wise move.  Chances are there are individuals who have paved the way before you.  Learn from them.  Planning and getting some expert advice is a very good idea and worth every penny.  Have a think about the cost of getting it wrong?

Weight up the pros and cons
Franchising, Licensing or Company Growth Models

At Rad Dad Consulting our approach is to first ascertaining if growing your business is likely to achieve your objectives.  Following which we will identify suitable growth structures such as Franchising, Licensing and Company models.

We are not bias towards any particular business model.  Our aim is to identify the model that best suits your business and your personal objectives.  We often incorporate the following processes:


  • Budget forecasting

  • Feasibility studies

  • Market Analysis 

  • Cost/benefit analysis

  • Commercial terms analysis

  • Timeline and chronological steps

We will be working closely with you and your team to ensure your growth plan is well thought through and that it's reasonably achievable with consideration to your budget and timeline.


CLICK HERE to learn more about growth models.

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