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Casey Reid


I'm a down to earth family oriented guy who's travelled a few laps around the block with regard to life, work, kids, relationships, career and business.  


My experience is primarily with mobile service based businesses.  In home or in office services.  Good old Trades and Services.  I've lots of experience here both on the tools and, in several senior management roles. 


I've run several of my own service businesses and in fact I still dabble as a local handyman.  Service is in my DNA.  Despite my inherent magnetism towards service based businesses, in the last few years, I've enjoyed success working on projects in the building and construction industry.  I've also unleashed my inner entrepreneur helping my wife Jules create an artisan food business called House of Salsa.

Whatever the industry the sector that's the most satisfying for me is small businesses.  Small privately owned companies or sole traders where I get to work directly with the owners/directors and make a positive difference for their business and, lives in general.

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